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Raising your voice when you witness wrongdoing is a right thing to do. You can save public money and lives alike. Yet, it’s not easy and it demands courage especially at work. That’s why we offer you help.

Why to speak up when you see wrongdoing at work

You would most likely raise an alarm if you saw a thief stealing from somebody on a street. And you won’t probably stand aside when a kid starts hurting another on a children’s playground. Trying to stop wrong conduct is just normal and natural.  

Yet, at work it’s not that easy. Your employer can retaliate and you might even end up being fired. And then there is the peer pressure. That’s why we should really honour everyone who finds the courage to point out wrongdoings in companies and institution. Such people help cultivate fair environment, fight corruption and in doing so they are saving public money. And in many cases human lives too.

Do you need advice?

Talk to us in all confidentiality. You are free to speak to us anonymously, using a fake or real name. Should you decide to reveal your name to us, we are bind not to disclose it to anybody else unless you give us a direct permission.

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You can read our quantitative research about awareness of whistleblowing in the Czech Republic in our presentation.